• About GA

GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to do the same.


Gamblers Anonymous holds meetings all over the UK and hosts over 170 meetings per week.  If you think you have a comuplsive gambling problem a meeting is the best place you could go as you can speak directly to other compulsive gamblers who will offer help, advice and support.  GA has various types of meetings

  • Normal meetings - This is where compulsive gamblers sit together and help each other through the difficulties of compulsive gambling.  There are no counsellors or proffesional bodies, just other compulsive gamblers. Sometimes these are classed as open normal meetings where friends and family can come and sit with you.  Open normal meetings are not to be confused with Open Meetings as in the description below
  • Open meetings - Each year every group usually hosts an open meeting.  This is where compulsive gamblers gather with their friends and family and receive recognition for attaining abstention in number of years.  These are  fantastic and emotional meetins, not to be missed
  • Steps Meetings - These meetings are better suited to someone that has been attending for some time.  These meetings are focussed around the 12 step program
  • Gamanon meetings - These meetings are specifically for friends and family of compulsive gamblers.  Not all groups have a gamanon meeting but you can find where they are following this link
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