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Back to square one - Brightside01 - 02-01-2018

My story is so similar to lots of other peoples, I thought I could control myself and I did the majority of the time - however the past 6 months I have been betting uncontrollably. I have racked up a huge amount of debt, which I know will get paid off (but as most gamblers we want to do things yesterday, which I know will not happen). 

I have been gambling for the best part of my adult life (nearly 10 years), I have given up for 2 years but then slowly started betting again. I thought I had it under control, I know realise I do not. 

I am currently on day 10 of no betting and feel so much better for it. I maybe skint, but I have my health which I did not feel I had when gambling.

I will not gamble today and I will not gamble tomorrow - I hope I can continue with thinking.

RE: Back to square one - smartie - 08-01-2018

hey Brightside,

Good to see you posting. Sorry though for the circumstances that have brought you back. Other than thinking what other strategies have you put in place?

All the best
Smartie xx