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Don’t know what to do? - Joncardiff88 - 04-01-2018

Hi I am New to this group, For about a Year I keep gambling but this month have been Quite Bad, I have only been paid from my Job a few Day’s ago and have Gambled all My Rent Money and Loan Money Away, My Rent is Due and My Loan Repayments are Due in a few Days, I am so Depressed and thinking Horrible Thoughts, I just want this to be over with, I have a Fiancee and 2 Children also One On the Way next Month and I have let them all down, Never used to be like this and I want my old self back, Also I need to tell my Fiancee but I am Worried this could be it for us, She Don’t know how Much I have Gambled but it is about £xxxx in a few days, I am So ashamed of myself, I want to tell her but I am Scared any advice would be good right about now
I am Giving up Gambling for good, But not sure how I can pay the Rent which is Important Thank You

RE: Don’t know what to do? - smartie - 08-01-2018

Hi Jon,
I remember my early days of attending GA with all the pain, heartache and chaos that brought. The scary thing was this illness never seemed to leave me alone for long even after it had caused such destruction.

Have you checked out your nearest GA meeting? As long as you want to stop gambling, you only need to turn up as a starting point.

Any other questions check out my journal or ask below...

Smartie xx

RE: Don’t know what to do? - LewB - 08-01-2018

Hi Jon, good news!! Theres a GA meeting Thursday night in Cardiff! If you want to jump on the recovery wagon sooner than that there are meetings tonight (Monday) in Pontypridd and Newport. Meeting also tomorrow in Penarth. And if you want to travel a bit farther across the water there are also meetings in Bristol and Weston-super-Mare. Pick ANY of these meetings to attend. Meetings are where you will find all the help you need and want. Wish you the best. LewB-Woodbury Monday

RE: Don’t know what to do? - Simmo - 08-01-2018

Hi Jon,

With honesty and being humble, it could be possible to circumvent disaster with the rent situation. The only way it will get better long term from my own experience is to attend GA meetings and work the 12 step program.

Wishing you well