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Losing family - Whitty0922 - 26-02-2018

Hi everyone, I'm new to this and don't know where to begin really but I'll start somewhere. I have been gambling for the past 4 years I have lost my wife and family over this and other things on top of that i just don't know who to talk to and I recently got in trouble for drink driving to make things worse I'm just at a lost end with it all now and don't know where to start I need help but have never been able to talk to people about it because i don't want to look weak in front of people i could possible losing my job aswell because of the gambling and driving bit. I just need help with it all

RE: Losing family - Simmo - 27-02-2018

You don't need me to tell you the damage that gambling can do, I think you have found out for yourself. First thing I will say, is that people with addictions are not weak, it's an illness where control is taken away from our very souls. In fact, addicts in recovery are very strong people indeed. Going to a GA meeting and meeting like minded people will not only put your mind at rest, that you are not alone, but also they will be the very people to help you stop gambling and stay stopped. By using the recovery program, you can start to turn your life around. It does take effort and commitment but it's worth it.

I suggest having a look at the meetings section and finding your nearest meeting, if it's not soon enough, consider going a little further afield. GA meetings help me through life, not just about stopping gambling, we are all there in the rooms to help and support each other through every kind of issue that pops up in 'normal' life.

Stopping gambling won't miraculously solve all of your problems, but without gambling, you can have a much clearer head and tools available to deal with problems as they come up.

Wishing you well