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My problem - Larn1982 - 07-03-2018

First time here.
I guess I thought I didn’t have a gambling addiction until recently, a lot of people I know and good friends have a little flutter at the casino and bookies and so am I.
Until the bets are now getting bigger and now visiting more frequently. But also started now online gambling also. And the thought of gambling I can not get out of my mind, thinking of new strategies and all sorts.
Now it’s hitting me financially and driving me a little mad.
I guess I’m coming on here for a bit of support and some advice?
I know what i need to do but it’s a lot harder than I thought.
Thank you in advance

RE: My problem - Simmo - 08-03-2018

Hi Larn1982

What is it you feel that you need to do?

Going to meetings, working the 12 step program is actually easier than gambling and the hell that it brings.
Gambling addiction is progressive in its nature and from my experience, the amounts increased, the time increased, the debt increased, the time with loved ones decreased, the love for myself decreased, my self-confidence, my self-esteem, my life became a living hell.

Wishing you well