Our History

Our History

Supporting compulsive gamblers since 1957

The Gamblers Anonymous Fellowship

The fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous is the outgrowth of a chance meeting between two men during the month of January in 1957. These men had a truly baffling history of trouble and misery due to an obsession to gamble. They began to meet regularly and, as the months passed, neither had returned to gambling.

They concluded from their discussions that, in order to prevent a relapse, it was necessary to bring about certain personality changes within themselves.

In order to accomplish this, they used for a guide certain spiritual principles which had been utilised by thousands of people who were recovering from compulsive addictions.

Also, in order to maintain their own abstinence, they felt that it was vitally important that they carry the message of hope to other compulsive gamblers.

As a result of favourable publicity by a prominent newspaper columnist and TV commentator, the first group meeting of Gamblers Anonymous was held on Friday, September 13th, 1957, in Los Angeles, California. Since that time the movement has grown steadily and groups are flourishing in many other areas.

In May, 1964, a member of Gamblers Anonymous, on business from the USA in England, attended a meeting addressed by the Secretary of the Churches Council of Gambling. The two men accepted that they must work together to establish the movement in Britain and a group was formed in London on 10th July, 1964.

The fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous

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